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A Heart Felt Letter from One of Our Many Happy Patients!

December 2, 2018
Dear Dr. Santoro,
Following my right knee replacement in March recovery from the surgery went very well but back pain became a problem. Sciatica made sitting longer than 15-20 minutes intolerable.  A simple trip to visit our children and grandchildren two hours away became very difficult for me. Three of our children and their families live too far away to even consider a visit.
Because we are relatively new to the area, I had not yet found a chiropractor. So, I sought recommendations and tried one of them, only to feel worse.
So, I prayed to God to lead me to someone who could help me. I called a couple and decided on you, Dr. Santoro.
I have been in your care for six months and now I am unafraid and able to make the trips to any of our children’s home for a visit. Awesome!
I thank God for this wonderful gift, this gift of freedom to spend time with my children and grandchildren. And, I am writing this note to you, Dr. Santoro, to express my thanks to you for your skill and care.
In a few days, my husband and I will leave for a long trip to New Zealand to spend Christmas with our youngest daughter and her husband and their two children.  I am so excited and grateful.
Thank you and Merry Christmas,
Carol W.
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