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“Injuries to the foot or ankle as a child or teen can present later in life and lead to hip or lower back dysfunction” 

Experience Foot and Ankle Pain Relief at Santoro Chiropractic and Wellness Center

There are 26 bones in the foot, and each one is capable of causing foot pain. Each year, millions of Americans complain of having pain in their feet or ankles. Your feet are the foundation of your entire body and have a direct impact all the way through the spine. Stabilizing your postural foundation will not only help relieve pain and stress in your feet but can also aid in relieving pain felt in the lower back and spine.

Common Types of Foot Pain

Heel Pain: If pain is located in your heel, then you may have a condition called plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the band of tissue (fascia) that reaches from the heel to the toes and supports the muscles and arch of the foot. Proper orthotics can help to alleviate and possibly eliminate this pain.

Ball of Foot Pain: Ill-fitting shoes are often the cause of this type of pain. Strenuous activity can also be the cause. An example of this is unusual stress caused by running or jumping.

Arch Pain: Plantar fasciitis is also the most common cause of this type of pain. It affects the heel, arch or both. It is important to see Dr. Rocco Santoro right away if you are feeling this type of pain for an extended period of time.

Toe Pain: Although not always the case, gout (a form of arthritis) can cause pain in the toes. Avoiding specific types of food as guided by Dr. Rocco Santoro along with rest and ice can help to alleviate the symptoms of gout.

Treating Foot, Ankle, and Shin Pain at Our Chiropractic Clinic in Linwood, NJ

It is very helpful and effective to directly relieve the symptoms of shin splints, calf strain or Achilles tendonitis. This can be achieved very well with chiropractic adjustments to the foot, ankle and spine. However, is it more important is to find out where the disruption to the whole body movement is and correct that patter. That way, the problems can be removed from their roots.

Dr. Santoro incorporates similar techniques to deep tissue massage and myofascial release by manipulating soft tissue which reduces stress placed on joints and nerves. But every technique differs and depending on the person. They may respond better to other various treatments. Many patients begin to feel relief after just a few sessions as the inflammation and tension in the body begins to decrease.

The goal of chiropractic care is to restore optimal texture, motion and function of the soft tissue as well as release any entrapped nerves or blood vessels. This is accomplished through the removal of adhesions or fibrosis in the soft tissues via the application of specific protocols. Adhesions can occur as a result of acute injury, repetitive motion and constant pressure or tension. Chiropractic care combined with specific rehabilitative massage therapy eliminates the pain and dysfunction associated with these adhesions.

This is exactly how we do it at Santoro Chiropractic and Wellenss Center. Come and experience for yourself how quickly you can be out of pain and on your way back to your favorite activities.

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